Sunday, September 21, 2008

Craft Desk

I posted before about the lovely craft desk in Kaylene's office. I really liked the idea of making a desk of my own, but I really didn't want to spend the money right now. Well, it turns out Michael's (who carries the craft cubes Kaylene used) had 50% off coupons all last week. I couldn't resist and Scott and I each bought two cubes on two different days for a total of four. They were $15 each! I think that was a steal! I put them together when I had spare time and they were just sitting there with out a top. I was stumped. Well, today we were at a local hardware store and there was a top taht I could paint that was almost exactly the size I needed and it was only $15! We got it, Scott cut a little off, and now it is sitting on my new cubes. I love it! I will prime and paint it later, but for now it works and the whole desk is so much better than what I had. There is a ton more space and I really like all the divided drawers. Here are some pics:
Photobucket Photobucket
The desk now and a pic of two of the smaller drawers.
The spot above the desk that I will be fixing up next.
I would really love the IKEA rack system like Kari has in her craft room and I would also like to hang some black and white pics I took in photography class. I also love this IKEA chair Photobucket, but it's three hours away :( Maybe one day we will take a trip up there, for now an extra dinning room chair will make due. I am just happy with the new desk!


Kim & Ryan said...

I just came upon your blog on D&R. I love that desk. It looks awesome, and what a steal. I'm also loving that chair. I may have to try that for our desk. Right now, we are also using an extra dining room chair. Thanks!

etta said...

I love your craft desk! I cannot wait until we have a house and I can have an appropriate place to craft. For now I have to take over our dining table.

We should make a trip up to IKEA sometime!

Jenny said...

What a great desk! And for $45 plus some paint? Even better. :)