Monday, September 29, 2008

The Craft Desk and Veggie Penne

1) My 101 in 1001: last week I definitely drank a bottle of water every day and then some. I never really paid attention to if I did or not before, but now I am sure I must have done this before. I am well on my way to meeting the goal of one a day for a month.

I also wore makeup every day last week. Student teaching is really helping me with the makeup/water thing! I never really cared about wearing makeup when I dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and talked to four year olds all day!

Scott cleaned the fishtank last Sunday, and even though I had every intention of helping, I was engrossed in cleaning at the time and he got it all finished before I could help. I just need to make sure in 6 weeks it's done again!

I also painted the back office Saturday. Scott was out of town and I was bored out of my mind. I decided to go for the green color I wanted, even though it was scary because green has always been my least favorite color. It's grown on me lately, though. Here it is in action:
I think it brightens the place up a lot!

I also tried to catch up with friends and family, but everyone seemed so busy this weekend. My oldest niece, Krysten, who is almost seventeen (!!!) isn't much for words and I couldn't get ahold of the next two in line. Hopefully this coming weekend will be a better time for them. I really miss living closer to them and being able to see them grow up. I feel like I am missing out on their lives.

2) I added some things to my craft/office space to make it more cheerful! Here is what I did:
Photobucket Photobucket
This is the desk as it is right now. I really like how wide it is so I can spread everything out. I want to paint or stain the top purple, but can't decide which to do yet. I also got the magnetic/dry erase boar and it is already very handy! Teh pictures above the board are my favs form a photography class I took in college.
Photobucket Photobucket
I got some new things for my shelves- jars for my pens and pencils, etc., a bright clock and a new picture frame. I love the bright colors!!!
Photobucket Photobucket
I also got the lamp I have been lusting for- Scott didn't like it when I suggested it for the bedroom a long time ago and I realized it will be perfect back here since this is my space! Yay! I also hung the old window I got at an antique mall about a year ago. I want to put a paisely patterned fabric behind it, but need to find the right one.

3) I decorated for Fall last week since last Monday was the first day of fall. I was so exctied!!!
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

4) And lastly, I will leave you with a recipe. It was supposed to be a vegetarian recipe, but the hubs likes his meat, so I added some chicken breast. I call it Veggie Penne
-boil about 6 ounces of penne noodles (I use whole wheat pasta, so I cooked them for about 10 minutes since they will go in the oven later)
- cut up into same sized peices a small squash and small zucchini, and three large mushrooms (I didn't add mushrooms because I don't really like them. Scott does, but I left them out this time).
- cut up a small onion and mix in with the veggies
- add some herbs and olive oil to the veggies and put them on a lined baking sheet (I used rosemary and oregano)
Bake this at 450 degrees for 15 minutes

- grate about 2 cups of your favorite cheese (I used mozzerella)
- get ready 2 cups of tomato sauce (I used prego sauce with garlic and onions), and 1 cup frozen peas

- in a large bowl, mix the penne, tomato sauce, peas, and cheese
- add the baked veggies to the top and toss (this is where you can add in the chicken if you want- I precooked my cubed chicken breasts in garlic and onions and then tossed in)
Photobucket Photobucket

- put the mixture in a baking pan and top with parmesean cheese

- place in the oven on 450 for an additional 25 minutes and enjoy!

It was super yummy!!! I got this recipe from Everyday Italian, but modified it a bit for my tast.


etta said...

I love how the craft desk/office turned out! The color really does bring everything together. I cannot wait until we have a place to paint!

Vintage Gal said...

Really nice decor and the craft room is amazing!

Maria said...

Everything looks fantastic. Great job!

Jenny said...

That green seems so relaxing and peaceful. I think I need to get some green paint samples for my office!

And I love the cute fall decor. :)