Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Go Green: Rain Barrels (Part 1)

 I was driving by a local craft store this past weekend and saw rain barrels!!! And they were a decent price, unlike the hardware stores around here, and they are locally made out of recycled barrels. So, Scott and I went to look at them close up today and decided they would definitely work for us. I can't wait to paint it and set it up! We got one for now and will get probably three more later. We will see how one does and go from there. Score!


I was thinking of painting them either blue or green... we'll see.


Kim said...

I think you could do any of the colors. They would all look good. I have green and it blends in pretty well.

WIll you hook up all three to the gutters? I think I need at least one more.

etta said...

What are you using the rain water for? Watering plants?

Also, send some of your renovation magic my way!

Melissa said...

Kim- yes, all would be hooked up to gutters. I could potentially collect a lot of water, so we will see how much I get in one and then decide how maany barrels we will need for what we have.

Etta- We will use the water for watering plants, grass, and filling/refilling our koi pond.