Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saving Money: Recycled Books

This week I would like to discuss one of my favorite things again... books! I already told you the money saving advantage of having a library card, so what else do I need to tell you about books? Well, there are times when I do find a book I just have to have. Sometimes I know I will read it again, or I hope to add it to the collection of books I would like to put in a classroom one day, so the first place I check is The Book Rack. It is a used book store that sells books for quite a bit less than the cover price. I first found out about this store from a friend of a friend about 6 years ago. I have gone there ever since and can usually find what I am looking for. I can also take my used books there to trade in! The will take any books they don't have an excess of and give you store credit for 25% of the cover price. Then, you can use that store credit to pay for half of what you purchase. This system has saved me quite a bit of money since I buy lots of books. I also like that you can buy a book that's already been made instead of creating demand for more printing. I have seen many used book stores when back in my old hometown area, so I am sure you could find them just about anywhere, so check it out and save some money and trees!

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