Monday, July 27, 2009

Saving Money: Take Your Lunch to Work

Take your lunch to work! There used to be the days when my good old hubs Scott would eat out for lunch EVERY DAY. That was many ages ago at his old workplace and I can understand his frustration of wanting to get out of the place for an hour a day, but it cost him between $4-6 each time. Occasionally I would meet up with him and that would be another $4-6 for me. As a kid I was brought up taking my lunch to school every day because our school didn't have a cafeteria, so taking my lunch to work was no biggie. Scott, on the other hand was used to eating at a cafeteria. Luckily, his new job (not so new anymore) allows him to come home for lunch, so spending all the dough stopped cold, savings us a whopping $20-30 a week! For me, though, I have to stay close to work, so I just take my lunch- which is usually leftovers from dinner or a sandwich and some snacks. I love it! It saves me money and I get to use the cool lunch bag that Scott got me :) I have convereted quite a few people at work too, so lots of people are saving money taking lunch to work!

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etta said...

We take our lunches to work most days. I never stay for lunch, though. I choose to eat in my car so that I can read or something -- anything to get out of the store!