Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The "Back Room"

Yes, our lovingly converted back porch turned into our "back room" shortly after we purchased our home almost 6 years ago.  I don't have any pictures on the computer of what it looked like before, but picture old painted wood flooring, a bead board ceiling, and ugly dingy walls.  The first post I made regarding the room was this one.  And then when I made my new desk, I decided to paint it green and add some details here.  It hasn't changed since then, but boy, will it soon!  We have been toying with the idea of moving the computer back there and getting a new computer desk.  Our old computer armoire (pictured below) has been awesome, and I really like it, but we want to convert our guest room into a room, just for guests, and eventually a baby.  So, the computer is making its way to a new home.

The floor in the back room is not level at all (since it used to be a porch) and the ceilings are WAY lower than the rest of the house, so this baby will just not work out.  We have been looking at desks online for a while and came across one that looks really nice!  It is the Linden Street build a desk group from JCPenney.  We decided to order the computer cabinet, 2 drawer file cabinet, desk top, desktop organizer, and keyboard tray.  We ordered it in the antique white finish because I really like how white brightens that small room up.

When it comes in, we are going to put the computer desk where my craft desk is now (that is where the outlets are), and move my craft desk to the other wall where our shoe cubby is.  Ellie's house will go in the spare room for a while, until we trust her enough that she doesn't need it anymore :).  My shelves on the wall to the side of my desk now will not fit on the other wall, so we may need to do some reworking of the shelves because I need them!  They also can't stay there because the new desk will only leave 11 inches to the wall and they stick out 16 inches.  We are thinking of putting small white shelving all along that wall, though, to put our massive DVD and CD collection on.  What do you think?  Right now they are in the guest room closet, and that is not a good spot.

I also want to get a nicer rug to put back there now that the computer will be back there as well, but I don't want to spend a lot.  Any ideas?  It needs to be durable because that is where we enter the house, and it needs to match the colors going on back there- greens, blues, or gray.