Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer To Do List- 2010

 I am ready to get going on my summer to do list.  Here is what I (Scott and I) need to do:

- clean out the closets, basement, and cabinets (get rid of unnecessary items)
- move the DVDs, CDs, etc. out of the baby's closet, and install an organizational system in the closet
- finish moving the computer to the back office
- finish redoing the trim in AT LEAST the baby's room
- if time allows redo the trim in the LR, DR, and MBR
- paint: dinning room, living room, kitchen ceiling
- replace the shower and surround
- tile the kitchen floor

- have the tree in the front yard topped
- replace part of the ceiling over the patio
- fix the dipped sidewalk
- put on the new roof
- repaint the window trim

It's a huge list, and I am sure there are a few things I am missing, but it needs to get finished!  I do not want this list looming over us when school is back in session and the baby arrives.

I am also going to attend an AVID conference this summer in late July (for school), and I need to clean up my school files, so I think this is going to be a busy summer!


Prem said...

Summer brings happiness and a lot of laziness too. We are away from the school but have to do a lot of household work told by our parents. But the laziness make us do nothing.

etta said...

Wow, you will be busy this summer! We could squeeze 'sew-Melissa's-baby-linens' in there somewhere if you want :)