Friday, July 9, 2010

Organization: DVDs

I would have loved to do this post a long time ago, but my husband had different plans.  You see, I am the type of person that thinks less is more.  Well, when it comes to DVDs, CDs, etc.  he is the opposite.  While I like to put all my DVDs in small cases and CDs on iTunes and my iPhone, he likes to keep all the junk that comes with them- the big boxes and pamphlets that come with it.  Does he ever look at them- No.  Nevertheless, he does not want them to go.  We had a great system set up for our HUGE collection- in the closet in our spare room.  We had lots of shelving in there to hold DVDs, CDs, computer games, etc.  Well, now that closet belongs to the baby and all that stuff needs to go!  

Once we knew we needed a different option, I finally convinced Scott to let me put the DVDs in sleeves.  The compromise was that we keep all the original boxes in totes in the basement.  I swear- our basement is just a huge storage facility.  So, this is what happened about a month ago...

This is what we started with....  nice setup, huh?  It was, for a while.

Then, we got this beautiful ottoman (on sale!) to put in the dinning room, which is great because it adds seating for when we have family and friends over, and lifts for storage.  

Next, I got a LOT of these beauties.  They are great for both of us because it puts more DVDs into less space, but Scott still gets his booklets in the packet as well.  

So, a group of DVDs like this.....

turned into a small pile like this. 

And when I was completely finished, our ottoman looked like this.  The only thing left to do is have Scott build boxes to keep the groupings separated and to put alphabet stickies on them.  A-Z DVDs are on the left, TV series are on the right, and Blu-rays and large sets are in the middle.  

Life is better for the DVDs now.  

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