Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Bathroom: Part 1- Demolition

Finally a post about the remodeling that is going on around here!!  Our new 1/1 bath is well underway- I would say 1/2 way finished :)  Here are some pictures of the progress with caption explanations.

This is the semi-before.  (If you check out this link, you can see the pics of the true before.)  Scott had already taken out the shelves and most of the cabinet doors.  

Scott hard at work tearing out the plaster walls.

The plaster is gone, and in it's place- a huge mess!

Look at all those lathe boards!!  Yes, they need to come down too.

Lathe boards on the way out...

And on to the flooring... there were quite a few layers and we needed to take them ALL out.

And so, I can't find my pictures of the entire room ripped out, so I will have to skip those :(  

After Scott did all the demo, he ran wiring for the new light/fan and two outlets for the room.  Then, the contractor came.  

Day 1 consisted of running all the plumbing from the room to the basement.  I forgot to take a picture of that before the floor was put in on Day 2.  

Day two was flooring, drywall, and tying in the new plumbing to the existing plumbing.  He still needs to do more drywall work tomorrow, but this is what our room looks like right now:

Sorry about the lighting- it was pretty dark.  

So, all the contractor has left to do is finish the drywall and put on the new door.  We are going to finish everything else up- paint, flooring, putting back the old trim, installing the toilet and sink, and sprucing it up.  (I am sure the tile will be the worst of it).  I can't wait until it's all finished!!

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etta said...

Wow, your bathroom remodel is going MUCH faster than ours did... it's still not 100% done. :0)

I'm so sad that you're losing that pantry space, but yay for having another bathroom. I wish we had a bathroom on our main level.