Monday, July 19, 2010

Nursery Part 2: Furniture and Fabric

It's looking better!  In fact, all I need to do now is take out the old rug, a few of Scott's things that are on the rug, and it is ready to decorate!  Here are some pics from a few days ago- when there may have been more things lying around...

Starting in the right corner-
This is where our changing station will be.

Yes- it's a mess in this pic, but it's much cleaner now, I swear!

It's a good thing we are having a girl, because I have a ton of girly books :)

And just because I love it- our crib, which arrived Friday :)

Of course I had to show Scott putting it together- with both dogs close by.  They were very interested in what was going on :)

And my fabric that arrived Monday!!!  I LOVE it!  The green flower print on the left is going to be valances (we can't fit floor length curtains :( ), the brown paisley on the right is going to be the crib skirt, and the rest will be pillows or other decoration.  What do you think?

I am so excited all of the big stuff is finished!!  Now all I need to do is fill the drawers and closet, decorate, and insert baby :)   

Here is a list of what we purchased/been given so far (if I missed something you want to know about, ask me):
- Bonavita Peyton classic crib ($299 from 
- IKEA Hemnes dressers (2) and nightstand (gift)
- IKEA green shag rug (not pictured) (gift)
- IKEA billy hanging wall shelf (gift)
- IKEA Ekby wall shelves (gift)
- Dorel rocking chair and slipcover from Walmart ($230)
- baskets from Target ($12.99 each)
- two wall hangers from Hobby Lobby ($6.99 each at 1/2 off)
- fabric from etsy and ebay Panache by Sanae from Moda (~$60)

So, really, we have spent about $650 so far.  We actually earned $350 from selling our old computer armoire and old bookshelves and other odds and ends on craigslist, so I don't think we are doing too badly, especially since Grandma and Grandpa bought all her furniture :).  I am awaiting the arrival of double curtain rods from and some pink sheers from an online store as well, then we will be good to go for a while!  Stay tuned for more updates!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is going to be so cute! I love the fabrics and the shelves are my favorite part. So cute!

marygrace said...

Looking super cute!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the fabric you picked out! Do you want to come decorate my nursery? You are doing such a great job!