Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Bathroom: Complete!

Ok, here it is... the long awaited reveal of the new 1/2 bathroom!
Before we get going on the final pics, don't forget to check back and see the progress...

New Bathroom: Part 1
New Bathroom: Part 2
New Bathroom: Part 3

The door.  Maybe not a big deal to you, but this is the ONLY new door in our home.  All of our other doors are the original 1940s doors that were put in when the house was built. We opted for a solid wood door instead of hollow core so that it would sound proof better and since the other doors are solid wood as well.  

The inside.  Love it!

Window, now with window covering, and also the new vent on the floor- we were able to find a vintage looking brushed stainless one that fits in well.

I really love this sink.  It fits the space perfectly, and the drawer is perfect for toilet paper storage :).

The corner cabinet is a great space to store our paper towels and extra guest towels.  The drawer holds the extra hand towels.  

The mirror came with the sink and I think it fits nicely!

The beautiful light/vent we found that matches the rest of the lights in the house- and Scott was handy enough to install two different switches for them.  This pics also shows the crown molding well.

Well, there you have it!  

Here is the cost breakdown:
Demolition- free thanks to Scott :)
Contractor costs- running new plumbing, putting in a new subfloor, drywalling walls and ceiling $4400
Insullation for walls and crawl space underneath from Menards- $40
Paint- Silvermist from Sherwin Williams- $30 (on sale)
Trim/crown molding/shoe molding from Lowes- $40
Paint for trim- Dove White by Valspar from Lowes- $20
Tile from Arizona Tile Company- $130
Cement board from Lowes- $30
Mortar and grout from Lowes- $20
Tile installation- free :)
Vent from Menards- $10
Vent installation- free :)
High efficiency, water saving toilet from Menards- $180
Sink and mirror set from Menards- $330
Cabinet from Target- $60
New hand towels from Target- $20
Wastebasket and toliet brush holder from Target- $43
Toilet paper holder and hand towel holder- $20
Window covering from Target (already owned blinds)- $10
Artwork- already owned, but it's from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Total: $5383

This doesn't sound too bad to me for putting in something that was not there before.  From talking to others who have done the same thing, they averaged $8000-10,000 for a contractor to complete an entire bathroom addition, so I think we did pretty well!  


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This looks so great. (And, we have the same artwork in our bathroom.) I esp. love the vanity and think I'm going to have to scope it out at Menards. =)

And, great job on the pricing. I'm esp. impressed about the price of the tile and the vanity/mirror.

Melissa said...

Thanks! It's a pretty small space (4x7), so we only had to get a few boxes of tile. The sink seemed pricey to me at first, but now I don't care because it looks so cute!