Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nursery Part 3: Almost FInished!

Almost finished!  There are a few things we *need* to get before love bug arrives, but her nursery is almost complete.  I finally finished touching up the paint and putting on her decals, so it looks much better now.  Would you like to take a look??

This is what you see from the door as you walk in. 

We still need to place her name decal above the crib to the left of the tree.  It's still a secret, so I'm glad it's not up yet for these pics!

This will be her changing station. We just need a changing pad and cover.  We also want to paint her "R" on the wall orange.

 This dresser holds a lot of her clothes.  Eventually, the T.V. will have a new home; I don't want it in there.  

This corner is her book nook and the closet door.  For now, the swing is hanging out there, although it will move into the living room/dinning room when she arrives.

Speaking of her swing, it is super cool!  It is the Fisher Price Starlight swing, and I am already in love with it!  It runs on batteries OR can be plugged in, which is a feature I think is amazing.  It also can swing side to side, or we can move the seat to go back and forth.  There are 16 different songs/sounds it plays, it lights up, and has little hanging stars and a moon.  I love to turn it on and light it up!


This rug is another favorite of mine.  I love how soft it is!

Inside the closet.... yeah, it's a lot of clothes, but most of them were purchased on sale or a garage sales.  I got a lot of last season's items for next year already.  Good savings!

Of course she already has things in her drawers as well!

And part of her coming home outfit awaits in a drawer too- I ordered the a onesie and pants to go with it, but they haven't arrived yet.  

It's been so fun and exciting to create a nursery!  I sit in there a few times a day and just look around, wishing she were here already and that I could be holding her in my arms.  Ten more weeks seems like forever!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This looks great. So whimsical! The little outfits are killing me.

etta said...

Baby girl names beginning with R...

Melissa said...

I have had many people try to guess her name and no one has come close... the only other hint I give is that it can be a boy or a girl's name. Good luck!

Stephanie said...

Such a cute nursery! Great job :)

Maria said...

Your nursery is ADORABLE!!! Great job!