Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cloth Diapering: Part 2

I already mentioned we would be using cloth diapers, so I wanted to give an update for those who were interested.  We started using them the week we came home from the hospital, and have only had to use sposies (disposables) a few times (at Grandma's), but when we have to, we use chlorine free Earth's Best brand.  Grandma has a pack at her house for when Aunt Lisa or Grandma babysit there.  I don't have to pack a diaper bag when she goes there because they pretty much have gotten her her own set of everything she needs- bottles, her formula, water for her bottles, wipes, blankets, a boppy, a crib soother for her pack 'n play (that stays there), and a bouncy seat.  This kid is spoiled!  I don't mind that they are using disposables since this brand is chlorine free and is supposed to biodegrade faster than traditional disposables.

Mostly, we have been using our Kissaluvs size 0 (KL0) fitted diapers and size XS Thirsties covers.  These have been great!  We have about 36, so enough to last three days.  We have about 6 covers, which is way too many, but I wanted a lot of colors :).  You could probably do well with 3-4.  We have had no leaks at all with the KL0s, so I would definitely recommend them if someone was contemplating them.  These will fit Rowan until she is around 15 pounds, so we can still use them for quite a while- at least another month.  Last time we were at the doctor, she was just a little under 10 pounds.  

Here is the KL0 on her on the last snap and highest rise.  This is really loose on her at this setting, so I usually do the second snap.

And then with the cover...

I also told you we purchased some Grovia diapers as well since we could use both cloth inserts and disposable inserts with them.  We have used these on Rowan a few times and they fit very nicely.  They are pretty trim for a cloth diaper.  We have used both the cloth and disposable inserts and only had one night leak with the cloth insert.  I think these would be a great option for when we go on trips since it's had to fit a lot of cloth diapers in a diaper bag.

I had heard a lot of cloth diapers mommas rave about Thirsties Duos for nighttime, so I purchased two of these to try out.  I was intrigued because even though you have to stuff them with inserts, they are said to agitate out in the washing machine.  So, we tried these too.  The insides were so soft!  These also didn't leak and when I changed Rowan, the insert was clearly wet, but the cloth touching her skin was pretty dry.  And guess what?  The inserts do agitate out!  I really like these, but my only hold up with them is that they come in two sizes- size 1 for 6-18 lbs.  and size 2 for 18-49 lbs.  I really didn't want to have to buy two sets of diapers.  I would prefer one that would last from when she's out of the KL0s to when she's potty trained.

BumGenius Elementals also interested me because they are an all-in-one, one-size, and made with organic cotton.  I really like these!  I tried them on Rowan and they fit her fine, and we haven't had a leak with them when she has worn them.  The only downfall with these is that they take a long time to dry- whether you do it in the dryer or air dry.

I also traded a few baby carriers Rowan and I didn't like for a few BumGenius 4.0s with snaps.  When I was contemplating diapers, I really didn't want to get these because I didn't want to have to worry about taking the inserts out during a diaper change and stuffing them before a use, but I thought I would just give them a try.  We have used them a few times, and they aren't too bad.  I only have the two so far, so it's not much to stuff.  I am not sure how I would feel if this was my only dipe and I had to stuff them all.    Since they did work out well, though, I did purchase 6 more from ebay that are on the way.

We still only use our two large wetbags for the diaper trash can in her room, and have been doing ok with the small wetbag for her diaper bag.  The only thing that has been a little issue is toting diapers around in her diaper bag.  I don't want a huge diaper bag, but ours seems stuffed when we put what we need in it.  It's ok though, at least I haven't had to carry two bags around... I have seen some people do that.

We did change our laundry detergent choice.  We started out thinking we would use Country Save, but when Scott went to get some at a store that said they carried it- they did not.  I was reading a lot of posts about Rockin' Green laundry detergent, so I ordered a bag to try it.  So, we have really just been using this since the beginning. I love it!  We have had no stink issues so far.  I hope we never do, but if it does get to that, they do make a version called Funk Rock that is supposed to help with that.  Washing has been easy.  While we can wait three days to wash, we usually do a load every other day.  Everything can go in the same load, so it's super easy.  We dump the entire wetbag in the washer, do a cold rinse, then put two tablespoons of Rockin' Green in and set to a hot wash, cold rinse, with an extra cold rinse.  The diapers have always come out clean, even the poopy ones, and we don't scrape, swish, or rinse them off before they go in the pail. Love it!

Rowan has also not had a rash yet.  I am not sure if this is just luck, or because we use cloth diapers.  We do put a little ointment on her occasionally.  You aren't supposed to use a lot of ointments with cloth diapers, but you can find a list of what is ok to use on PinStripesandPolkaDots website.  We use California Baby products on Rowan at bathtime and use the calendula cream on her butt.  We also purchased a few small tubes of CJs BUTTer to try as well and have used those.

So, all-in-all, we are very happy with cloth diapering.  It has been easy, and I feel so much better using cloth on her.  :)

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