Sunday, June 12, 2011

DIY Tile Coasters

Something I have been wanting for a long time but have been too cheap to buy is a set of tile coasters.  When purusing Pinterest boards, I found a link to a blogger who made her own.  I already had some of the items I needed, so I decided to go get some tiles and get to work!

I did deviate a little bit from the plan, so here is what I did:

Step 1: Gather your materials.  You will need tiles (I chose 4x4), scrapbook paper of your choice, a scrapbook trimmer or scissors and a ruler, a pencil, spray glue, Mod Podge, a foam brush, clear spray sealer, and felt pads.

Step 2: Trim your scrapbook paper to 3.75x3.75 (or however you'd like it to fit on the tile) using the ruler and pencil or scrapbook trimmer.

Step 3: Use the Mod Podge, regular glue, or spray glue to adhear the paper to each tile.  I chose to use spray glue because it sticks the best.

Step 4: Coat the tile with Mod Podge two to three times, waiting twenty minutes in between coats.

Step 5: After the Mod Podge is completely dried, pray the tiles with the clear coat at least twice, waiting twenty minutes between each coat (use in a well-ventilated area).  I did this after letting the Mod Podge set overnight.

Step 6: Once the tiles are completely dry, place self-adhesive felt pads or spray glue large felt pieces to the bottom of the tiles.  I happened to have some inexpensive self-adhesive pieces of felt from IKEA, so I used those.

Ta-Da!  Your project is now complete!  

Now I just need to find a coaster holder for all these!  I made a set of twelve to go with our good china that we use at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, but I am planning on recreating this for Christmas presents for my Mom and both sisters-in-law this year.

Cost breakdown:
- Tiles: .33 each (I used 12)
- Mod Podge: $6 (I already had this)
- Clear Coat Spray $5.50
- Scrapbook paper: variable, but mine was $1 total for two pieces
- Spray Glue: $10 (I already had this)
- Foam brush: .50 (I already had this)
- Scissors and Ruler/Scrapbook cutter: I would think everyone has a set of these, I have a scrapbook cutter
- Felt pads: 32 of these from IKEA cost less than $2

Total Cost Breakdown: $28.96 if you had nothing.  This cost me a total of $10.46, so less than $1 per coaster.  Love it!

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etta said...

Those are so cute! How awesome is Mod Podge? :)