Monday, June 6, 2011

Saving Money: The Learning Tower

While I have used craigslist before to get things for Rowan, such as a $120 jumper for $35 and a few smaller items, I have never come upon a better deal than I got today!

Background: Rowan LOVES to watch us in the kitchen- when we wash dishes, cook, clean up, etc.  She is just so super nosey in there, but I think that will turn into a good thing later on.  Since she is so fascinated by what's going in in there, I try to put her in her high chair while I cook and clean since it's hard to hold her, even in her Ergo.  I know that soon she will grow out of that, so I have been looking into Learning Towers  since I had seen my friend Amanda use one for her son.

Since Rowan can't really use it yet since she's too young, I wasn't that worried about it, but a few weeks ago I saw one at our local consignment shop, where I previously mentioned I like to go.  It is priced at $75.99, which is a great deal compared to the brand new price tag of $199.  I went back and forth about it, and even Scott said it would cost almost that amount for him to make an exact replica.  We even went and looked at it again on Sunday, but decided to walk away and think about it some more.  I decided to look on our local craigslist that night to see if anything came up, and low and behold- someone just a few blocks away was selling theirs for $60!  I emailed right away, and she said she still had it, so today after my last day of school (yay!) for the summer, my Mom and I went to pick it up.  It's in excellent condition, and I can't wait for Rowan to get big enough to use it.  I am going to keep an eye out for deals on the accesories to go with it as well- the chalkboard looks super neat, and it has a dry erase board on the back (both are magnetic).  

I think she will love it!  Yay for saving $140! 

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Amanda said...

Yay for the learning tower! We *love* it and use it all the time. Jonathan loves watching us cook and it's so nice to be able to do crafts at. So glad you found a great deal!