Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Planning

Marie-Etta at Fiddle-deedee posted today about weekend planning.  I, too, am a planner.  It's one of the ways I stay organized.  So, I figured I would post my weekend plans.  Maybe this way I will be held more accountable!

- return some items to Hobby Lobby (extra things from Rowan's birthday decorations)
- shop for new school shoes
- stop at Office Max to see if they still have my favorite desk calendar for this school year
- eyebrow wax appointment
- send pics to Walgreens for our 2010 (yes, that's right, I am behind) family scrapbook

- make a meal plan for next week
- pack up Rowan and head to Marie-Etta's baby shower!

- go grocery shopping
- discuss my Thirty One party details with Tyleen
- help Scott put away his gear when he gets home so it stays nice and tidy

Well, that's about it for me this weekend.  School starts back up soon, so it's going to start getting crazy in our household.  Maybe I should post my monthly plans/goals more often!

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etta said...

I like your Saturday plans :)