Saturday, December 17, 2011


While my hubs is a hater (he hates the process, not the product), I love painting and seeing what color can do for a space.  I don't mind dipping my brush for a day or two to completely change the look of a room.  Now that we purchased our new home, I will be painting once again!  I want to start painting the day we get our keys so that we can paint at least Rowan's room, the hallway and foyer, our bedroom, and the office before I go back to work after break.  Want to see what I have in store/the plan?

Day 1: Get the keys, take down some shelving, PAINT ROWAN'S ROOM!  My Mom and Dad have both agreed to help me paint since I helped paint their house last year when they moved.  This will be a tremendous help.

Right now her future room is blue and tan.  We are going to use all of the same things she has now in her new room, and while the light blue in her current room is nice, I wanted to try something more bold.  So, we took her on a trip to the paint store and we chose these

The colors are Sherwin Williams Indulgent-the purple and Melange- the green.  We will do two walls of each color.  I know a lot of people don't like two walls of each, but we've done it before and thought it was really nice.

Also on day one, I would like to paint the hallway and foyer since my parents will be there to help.  I figure they can either do Rowan's room and I can do the hallway/foyer or vice versa.

Right now we don't have a foyer because the door opens into the living room, so I am really excited about having one.  We want to keep that area neutral and bright, so we are going with

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.  Hopefully it won't come out too dark.  I chose a darker gray, but Scott vetoed it for this lighter shade. 

On Day 2, we may some some actual moving, but it will be just boxes and no furniture.  This may leave me time to paint the master bedroom.  Right now it has two different colors,

and while I like those colors, I like to change our bedding a lot.  So, I know the green will have to go.  We really like the current color of our bedroom, so we are going to stick with it.

This color is Sherwin Williams Cottage Cream.  It's a really nice neutral that fits with all the bedding I have accumulated over the years.

The last space we will paint in the first week will be the office.  Since I like a nice, warm green, and would like green somewhere in our home, this space is it.  Our computer desk is white, and the bookshelves I eventually want to get are white, so I think it will be a nice, bright space.

I really love the color of our current dining* room, so Sherwin Willams Recycled Glass is our top pick.

I am sure the next few painting endeavours will have to wait until we are settled in a bit, but here is what we've chosen:

The deer room, I mean living room, will be next.  After Scott takes down the mural, we will paint it a nice neutral tone since I also like to switch up the living room decor.

We want to have an accent wall in this space, even though I know some people think they are ugly.  We have a read accent wall in our current home that we like.  We both agreed an accent wall will break up this large, long space.  Scott chose these colors, and I have to admit I actually like them.

Sherwin Williams Bittersweet Stem- lighter and French Roast- darker.  And while our couch is tan, we have so much bold color in our curtains and pillows that it shouldn't look like beige overload.  The accent wall will be the darker color, and it will be behind the couch.

After Scott gets a second wind of wallpaper removal love, we will be able to tackle painting the kitchen and dining* room.

While the kitchen looks like it is sponge painted, we are pretty sure it's wallpaper; so once it's gone, we will paint it, along with the dining* room, a light blue and place a darker blue behind the fireplace.  I think paiting these two adjoining rooms the same color wil help connect them.  We will eventually get new countertops and gel stain the cabinets a darker color, but I know that just re-painting will help tremendously.

These are Sherwin Williams Topsail- lighter and Riverway- darker.  Scott is nervous about that darker blue, but I LOVE it.  I think pops of bright, bold color make a space interesting :).

After all that painting, we will still have three untouched spaces: the laundry room, the bonus room, and the spare bedroom.  These will stay the colors they are for now since two of them are neutral anyway.  The laundry room is a similar purple to my current kitchen, so I like it just fine.  The bonus room that will hold Scott's reenactment supplies and my craft desk is tan, so until I get creative enough, it will do.  The spare bedroom is going to be just about empty, so I don't want to paint it until we know what we will do with it.

kitchen into laundry
bonus room
spare bedroom
So, there you have it.  After looking at paint swatches for two months, I hope we don't change our minds.  I really want to use the 30% off coupon I have to go get this paint!  Only nine days until my plan goes into effect.  Wish me some painting luck!

*I had to fix the mistakes someone complained out about :).  Apparently, I should be perfect all the time and treat my personal blog as if it were a formal essay.

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