Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saving Money: New Appliances

Seriously- if you need new appliances, get your booty to Sears right now!  They are having a HUGE sale on all appliances.  I'm talking about up to 37% off!  We knew we were going to be purchasing all new appliances for our new home, so we had been looking since October.  I researched and looked, researched and looked, and we decided upon Kenmore Elite for our gas range, microwave range hood, and refrigerator.  We went ahead and stuck with Whirlpool Gold for our dishwasher becuase we love the silverware basket on the dishwasher door (plus it is quiet).  

We were told they would be having a friends and family night (which is usually the best sales of the year) in January, so we were going to wait until then to purchase, but while my parents were there purchasing the microwave range for us as a Christmas gift, my Dad was told about the Christmas sale...  Holy cow- it's amazing.  Our refrigerator ended up being $1300 cheaper than normal, the range was $565 cheaper, and the dishwasher was $238 cheaper!!!  On top of that, my Dad is a retiree, so he was able to get and extra 10% off.  We ended up saving over $2000 on our three appliances we purchased.  I was so happy about saving that much money.  Plus, we will have the appliances next Thursday, so they will all be in my the new year :).

So, if you are in the market for any new appliances at the moment, I encourage you to get to Sears asap!

P.S.- I was not asked to post this, nor did I receive any reimbursement from Sears for this post.

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