Sunday, February 5, 2012

The In-Progress Dining Room

Now that you have seen our kitchen, I feel the next logical place to travel is the dining room.  After all, at this house, they are connected/open to each other.  I honestly can't even picture what it looked like before, but I did snaps some pics from the listing and move in day.  Yes, you are seeing that correctly- that one room was THREE different colors!

From the listing with seller's stuff.

Move in day!

Move in day!

I knew I wanted the dining room and kitchen to feel like one larger space, so we painted them the same shade of light blue- Sherwin Williams Topsail. I also wanted the fireplace corner to be an accent color, and I really liked Sherwin Williams Riverway, so that is whey we went with a lighter shade on the same swatch for the other walls.  

From the foyer- sorry it's so dark!

The paint made such a difference!  We also took down the vertical blinds and opted for some panels from Pier One that I had to make put grommets in, but more on that later.  

We definitely have room for a larger table in this space, which we will purchase in the future, but I do love the fact that we can have barstools at the counter as well! 

Toward the foyer

We still need to hang up some artwork on the walls, but I am just not sure where I want things yet.  I think I want shelves like these on the large wall above the buffet, but I don't want to commit yet.  I also really like this buffet with hutch and table set I've been pining over forever, but I don't want to spend that kind of money.

It took us a while to decide on something for above the fireplace as well.  Scott wanted a mirror, but I had a hard time finding one that was the correct size.  One day while we were in Lowes, we saw this canvas, and while it's not a real painting, it will work for now, plus it was only $40.  

We're also not quite sure what to place on the mantel, so for now I just have my Willow Tree Angels on it.  Most of them I got from Scott, and a few are from students I've had.  We are also not sure yet if we want to stain the mantel darker, or leave it the same color as the trim.  If we end up doing white kitchen cabinets down the road, it may look nice white as well.


So, there is our dining room for now.  Hopefully one day I will decide what I'd like on the walls so I can show you what I've done!

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