Sunday, February 19, 2012

The In-Progress Living Room

So, as you saw in my house tour post, our living room is huge!

From the listing

Yet, it has had a full wall mural.... of wildlife.  Seriously, there is wildlife in the backyard- why the need for a mural?

From the listing

The wallpaper mural was not on our top-priority to-do list, and since it also took us a while to redo the kitchen, we didn't get to the living room until last week.

We had a very large space to work with- about two times the size of our last living room, so we were definitely excited!

Our plans included to paint three walls light beige and one accent darker brown (yeah, I know- accent walls are out, but we like them).  I really wanted a dark color, but from experience, I knew I wouldn't like the whole room one dark color, so only one wall is dark and the rest are lighter.  Gotta get my color fix somehow!  I already purchased the paint during a 40% off sale, we just hadn't had time to tackle that mural, and by we, I mean Scott.  I helped peel the top layer off the kitchen wallpaper, and Scott scrapped the sticky coat, so I thought this would be the same... I was wrong.  We knew this one might be tough since it was professionally done.  I started to peel a spot by the door in the middle of the week and stopped when I noticed it was coming off in tiny pieces.  Yikes!  Scott decided he would just try to score, spray, and scrape to see what would happen.  Fifteen minutes later....

Honestly, it came off much easier than we thought.  The paper and glue came off together, so we got lucky!  Since Scott was off the next day, and my parents were going to watch Rowan while we had carpet installed in our back room, Scott decided he would tackle the rest of the wall and was able to get 95% of the wallpaper removed before I came home from work.  He finished the rest that evening, and we were ready for paint!

Saturday was paint day!  We actually painted two rooms on Saturday, and Scott changed the off-white outlets and switches to white in the office, back room, laundry, and living room as well.

The chaos during painting

After we cleaned up our mess, we moved everything where we wanted it, and it was time to go to bed.  The next day, I snapped pics of what it looks like for now.

I am still trying to decide where I want the ledges and artwork I have for this room.  We are also debating on whether or not we should bite the bullet and get the surrounding pieces for the entertainment center we currently have.  We love the look and can't find a cheaper one with glass doors, which we love to have with little fingers around.  

I also think I want to purchase a vinyl tree to put on one of the walls, maybe like this or this.  Hopefully I will figure something out soon so we can put the COMPLETED stamp on this project!

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