Thursday, February 2, 2012

A "New" Kitchen

When we looked at our home, we knew that we would eventually like to replace a lot of the kitchen.  We also knew that it would take some time to do so.  Our plan was to slowly change things little by little AFTER we had done a few other things around the house.  Well, our plans changed.

With seller's things.

Remember the post about our new appliances to replace the super old ones?  That started the job we've been working on for weeks.  Since we have not taken any time off work to work on the house, projects are taking us a lot longer than they should, but we are okay with that for now.  

Move in day!

Anyway, we purchased our appliances after having measured quickly.  This, along with the fact that I trusted Scott to measure alone, lead to our refrigerator not fitting correctly in the "spot."  We decided to move the cabinets up just a bit, and while we did that, we realized that the wallpaper would need to come down as well or it would just look plain ugly.  This is not what we had in mind for our first few weeks in the new house...  but we went with it, and the kitchen became our first project.

Spotlight on the strange read square and hole patchwork

We removed all the cabinetry on the refrigerator wall, took all the wallpaper down in the entire kitchen, patched a large hole that was covered by a calendar (classy, right?), and painted the entire kitchen, including one of the pantries.  We also had to have one of our cabinets cut down to accomodate our over the range microwave.

Tiniest cabinet ever!  ;)

Scott also installed GFI outlets on the sink wall and changed all the outlets and light switches from dingy ivory to white.

Paiting soffets is hard work!

I also went ahead and painted inside the smaller pantry since it was a hot mess.

The larger pantry is okay for now, but I would like to organize it a little bit better, and maybe  I will paint the wooden shelving white one day.

It took us quite a while to do this since we only have one day a week off together.  Scott can't get much done alone on his days off, but he tries his hardest.  Of course, he left all the painting to me ;).  Rowan tried to help as much as she could.

After new paint, still waiting for trim on some cabinetry

I bought an extra curtain panel to match the ones in the dinning room, and my Mom made a cafe curtain for the kitchen window.  I love it!  It really helps becuase we get a lot of morning light in there that can be blinding!

Cafe curtains thanks to Mom!

The kitchen still needs new countertops and a backsplash, especially since the new paint color makes those 80s countertops really stand out.  the flooring isn't our taste, and we will eventually replace it, the laundry room, and the back room with tile (since it's all connected).  We would also like to refinish the cabinets (or possibly get new ones from IKEA; we haven't decided yet), but since we want to pay for all of our remodeling with cash, these finishing touches will have to wait.

For now, we are just excited to have a functioning kitchen again!