Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tile, Tile, Tile

Now that we are almost finished with some of the larger projects in the house (only need to paint two more rooms), we are ready to tackle some of the flooring.  The kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms all have relatively new laminate floors.  Our foyer also has laminate, but it is the original lamiate; while it is in good condition, it LOOKS old.  It wouldn't bother me as much if our foyer wasn't so huge.  It's 12x10- bigger than our back/bonus room.

From the listing.  This is not even half of the foyer.  You can't see the floor well, but it's the best pic I've got.  

Even though it's going to be difficult, we are going to tile this area first- one, because it's the first space you see when you come in, and two, because it's the oldest flooring in the house.

Scott really wants to do something different in here  besides the boring 12x12 in a straight, staggered, or diagonal pattern, so I have been on the hunt for something interesting, but not to crazy.  I found something I really love...

We don't neccesarily like the two different colors, but the outside tile, with border and inside diagonal is the look we've decided to go for.  I really like the accent border in this picture, and I think we've 90% decided on beige tile.

After our adventures with the foyer, we will move on to the main bathroom (Rowan's bathroom).  I love the look of white/grey/blue, and since all her cabinetry is white, we will be putting grey tile in her bathroom.  I LOVED the tile in our old bathroom we added to our first house

And luckily I was able to find a retailer for it online that should be cheaper than the tile store we purchased it from in 2010.  I think it will be gorgeous!!  I miss those sparkley flecs!

Move in day!

I also found out they make it in beige as well, so I can put that in our bathroom.  It is mostly cherry wood with bronze fixtures, so beige will look much better in there.

Move in day!

So, hopefully all these tiling projects will get done sometime this year...  yeah, I'm being realistic here :).  Poor Scott- after tiling every non-hardwood surface in our last home, he thought he wouldn't be tiling again for a looong time.  Boy, was he wrong!  (Don't worry, I will be there to supervise help.)  

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