Sunday, March 25, 2012

Organizing Challenge: Guest Room Closet

So, this is a little late- sorry!  Last weekend I tackled the guest room closet.

When we moved in, the closet was pretty basic with two wire shelves and nothing else.  And much to my sadness, I did not take a picture of the inside of the closet on move in day...  bummer.  I didn't really need to do much in here.  The room is just being used as a den right now, and the closet is where we keep our cat litter box (yeah- not that exciting).  There are a few things we are keeping in the closet, though, and we wanted it to look exactly like Rowan's closet that we already organized so that when we have another child they will have the same closet situation.

So, the plan was to install two Ikea Trofast systems on top of each other, a wire shelf above the Trofast storage, and two bars for clothing.  I love the Trofast system because it can be designed in many ways- with shelves or three sizes of bins.  We used this same system in Rowan's old closet, and it was amazing!

Here is what we ended up with

Sorry about the lighting...  but Lucky approves!

Right now we have Lucky's litter and food on the  bottom shelf.  I am also storing our scrapbooks in here until I can put them in their true home later.  The bins on the top portion hold some photo albums, and Rowan's keepsake box is on the shelf at the top, along with our vaproizer and humidifier.

We eventually will change the closet doors, but until then, we just got updated knobs for the current door.

Looks gold here, but they are brushed nickel.

And there you have it!  The "new" guest room closet.

Did anyone else organize something this week?  Up next in the Organizing Challenge series: Rowan's Room- closet/drawers and toys.

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