Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Organizing Challenge

I have been slacking a lot in organization since we moved.  While everything is where it needs to be (room wise), it is not exactly the way it should be.  We have extra space now, and I want to utilize it well.  What I would like to do is tackle at least one area a week until my list is complete.  Good idea, right?

So, the plan is to blog weekly about my experience: what I did, how I did it, what I used, etc.  I hope that others will join in and comment on what they've done.  I will tell you each week what I plan to work on the following week in hopes that we can work together.

Here is the master list I need to tackle (in no paarticular order) by room:

Master Bedroom/Bath
- linen closet (take out old system, paint closet, repurpose old system, organize)
- bathroom vanity (organize)
- walk-in-closet (organize)

Guest Room
- closet (put in the rest of a shelving system, orgainze)
- ottoman (put in guest linens)
- nightstand (purge and reuse)

Rowan's Room
- closet/drawers (purge)
- toys (purge)

- vanity (organize)
- guest essentials (kit)

- closet 1 (take out old system, paint, reuse old system)
- closet 2 (take out old system, paint, rework old system)
- entry table/baskets (organize)

Living Room
- toys (purge)
- movies (purge)

- cds (purge)
- books (purge, categorize)
- desk (purge, organize)

- pantry 1 (organize)
- pantry 2 (paint walls, possibly paint shelving, rework shelves)
- first aid kit (stock, find a spot)
- medicine kit (stock, find a spot)

Laundry Room
- cabinet (paint, organize)

Bonus Room
- Scott's closet (organize, new closet doors)
- craft space (organize)

- shelving (take down, rework, replace)
- paint (paint all walls)
- tools (create organization)

- disaster kit (make, store)

So, up this week is the Guest Room closet.  I think it will be a nice, easy space to start.  Don't forget to comment if you are participating so everyone can see what you do!  Also, copy my image in your post please :). 

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