Monday, April 9, 2012

Organizing Challenge: Master Bedroom Closet

Honetly, this one was not too terribly hard to accomplish.  I planned on painting this closet, since all the other closets I have done in the house so far have badly needed it, but when I really looked at it, I noticed that it wasn't bad at all!  The prvious owners must have recently painted and put in the closet system, so that was one thing on my list that I didn't need to do.  The wire organizers aren't the best quality, but it works for us!

Move in day!

We went from having a three foot by three foot closet to this one, so anything bigger was a plus, not matter how it was laid out.  

My side- move in day

Scott's side- move in day

The only thing I really wanted to add was storage for our shoes.  At our last house, we had a canvas shoe storage unit hanging on the wall.  I wanted to try something a little nicer here, plus I wanted something that would hold some more pairs of shoes.  It took me a long time to decide, but I ended up going with a built it ourselves wire shoe system.  

We ust got the shelf brackets, two long wire shelves, and end caps.  We cut the shelves into 18" sections, put in the brackets, put caps on the ends of the shelves, and voila!  We can fit 18 pairs in the middle, and with our extra wire shelving, we added one on the bottom of my side of the closet.  So far, I love it!

My side after

The top rack of my side holds our luggage and bags.  The top handing rack holds mostly work tops, but there are some "after work" tops mixed in.  The bottom holds my pants on the left and sweatshirts on the right.  I also have an ice tub all the way to the left on the floor that holds my belts and flip-flops.

Scott's side after

The top of Scott's side holds extra photos and memorabilia sorted in boxes.  His top hanging rack holds his "nice" clothes, paintball clothes, work pants, and sweatshirts.  The bottom rack holds work shirts.  There is also room left over here for our hamper.  We keep our bedsheets on the middle rack folded up in one of the pillowcases.  

So, there it is!  Not too bad, right?  Next week, I will be on to finishing up the guest room by organizing the ottoman and nightstand.  

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