Monday, April 2, 2012

Organizing Challenge: Organizing Rowan's Closet and Drawers

This week I worked on organizing and purging Rowan's room, specifically her closet and drawers.  It was a good time to do this since we are chaning over clothing for spring/summer.

First, the closet.  When we moved in, her closet was two shelves straight across with two hanging bars.  I really wanted to make this closet look exactly like her old closet, but that didn't work out due to a difference in depth.  We were able to put in a closet system much like her old one, minus the bench, but before we did that, I had a painting day from hell...

It was so difficult to get all the nooks and crannies in this closet, but it needed to be repainted.  I don't think it had ever been painted since the house was built, so it was a little sad looking.  We ended up going with a light grey color.

After putting in her Ikea Trofast storage unit, a long shelf up top, and two hanging bars, the closet looks much better.

On the top shelf are some sling diaper bags and all her other bags.  The top hanging bar of clothes are all too big for her right now, and the bottom bar is holding the excessive amounts of hangers I have.  (Don't worry, I am just saving them to split them up once we have #2.)  Since we couldn't fit the bench like we had in her old closet, I put a large basket my late mother-in-law got me to throw all of her stuffed animals in.  I am sure she will appreciate having something from Grandma Donna later.  The taller unit holds (top to bottom) tutus, books, more books, coloring books and crayons, and manipulatives she is still too little for.  The bottom four bins are empty, which is a good thing!  I am sure we will fill them up later.  

The dresser drawers really weren't too bad since we have moved in recently, but they did need to be purged.  The smaller dresser is mostly used for cloth diapers and health/grooming essentials.

Half our stash was in the wash ;).  The basket to the right holds cream, rash cream, lotion, and diaper spray.
Pajamas to the left in a basket, night diapers in the middle, pail liners and wet bags, cloth wipes, and a container of regular wipes.

Left to right- extra creams, etc.,  medicines, etc., bubbles and extras.

The taller dresser holds her shoes and clothing.  This kid has a lot of clothes!  The top smaller drawers are nice for shoes and extras.

Next, we have socks, babylegs, and extra bibs.

The third drawer holds her shirts in the basket, and her "bottoms," more specifically her shorts, skirts, etc. on the right.  

The fourth drawer has all the outfits, no matching required.  The bottoms are usually folded up in the top they go with.  Grandma and Daddy love this drawer!

Last, we have an extra drawer, but for right now I call this the "just in case" drawer.  It has some longer pants and long sleeved tops in case the weather gets chillly again, which it may here in the Midwest.  There are also a few onesies in case we need to layer. The green blanket is also an "extra" we have in case it gets really chilly.

So, as I went through all her drawers, I took out all the old winter clothing that no longer fit and put them in the consignment bag.  Once I know for sure it won't get too chilly again, the "just in case" clothes will go with them and in July I can take those to our local consignment store.  

Did anyone else organize this week?  Next week, I will be headed to the Master Bedroom Closet.  Wish me luck!

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Rachel said...

Melissa, this is awesome! You are so organized. I try to get Jack and Cal's drawers looking clean and organized but I fail at it. You inspire me!