Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kitchen Makeover Part One

So, if you hadn't guessed by now, we are redoig the kitchen cabinets.  When we put an offer on the house, we knew we would eventually change the cabinets someday, but weren't sure how or when.  When the closing date got closer, we decided in the next year or so we would just use Rustoleum stain on them in a dark color- Scott's choice.  As we lived in the house longer, I realized how icky the fronts of some of the cabinets were (they've gone through 25 years years of abuse), and wanted to redo them this summer.  I also complained a lot about missing my old, white kitchen.  It made our kitchen so bright!  So, Scott finally gave in to me having a white kitchen again.  He agreed it would brighten up our space.

Let me remind you of the "before."  This was the kitchen with the seller's stuff:

See how dark it was?  

When we moved in, we spent a few weeks taking down the wallpaper, paiting, getting new appliances, etc.  So, it has looked like this since January:

We called that our "mini re-do" knowing that later we would do the cabinets, new hardware, new lighting, new counters, a backsplash, and new flooring. 

So, ready to see new cabinets and new lighting?  (That's all we are doing for now...)

Yay!  It looks brighter already!  I will do a separate post showing the process, but for now, we are about halfway there.  We still need to paint all the cabinet doors and drawers, add trim, poly all of it, and of course, hang things back up.    

I can't wait to see it all finished!


Julia said...

it's looking so good already!!!

kari said...

It looks so bright!

Jennifer said...

I love it!!!!!

JCHokie said...

Hi! Your kitchen is looking awesome! What type of glaze are you using on the cabinets? Was it hard to cut out the bead boards?

Melissa said...

JCHokie: We are using Minwax (greenish/blue can)- two coats. I really like how it looks! The bead board was only hard to cut because it came in such HUGE sheets! We used our table saw, a fine toothed blade, and everything was fine. We just caulked the edges. There was only one part where we had to put two peices together, and after caulking, sanding, three coats of paint and two coats of poly, you can't tell where it is.