Sunday, June 3, 2012

Organization Challenge: Back in the Game!

Whew!  Now that school is out, I can concentrate on my organization checklist, as well as my summer to-do list.  The bulk of our projects and organization is during the summer since I am so busy during the school year.  

Let's recap:

Master Bedroom/Bath
- linen closet (take out old system, paint closet, repurpose old system, organize)
- bathroom vanity (organize)
- walk-in-closet (organize)

Guest Room
- closet (put in the rest of a shelving system, orgainze)
- ottoman (put in guest linens)
- nightstand (purge and reuse)

Rowan's Room
- closet/drawers (purge)
- toys (purge)

- vanity (organize)
- guest essentials (kit)

- closet 1 (take out old system, paint, reuse old system)
- closet 2 (take out old system, paint, rework old system)
- entry table/baskets (organize)

Living Room
- toys (purge)
- movies (purge)

- cds (purge)
- books (purge, categorize)
- desk (purge, organize)

- pantry 1 (organize)
- pantry 2 (paint walls, possibly paint shelving, rework shelves)
- first aid kit (stock, find a spot)
- medicine kit (stock, find a spot)

Laundry Room
- cabinet (paint, organize)

Bonus Room
- Scott's closet (organize, new closet doors)
- craft space (organize)

- shelving (take down, rework, replace)
- paint (paint all walls)
- tools (create organization)

- disaster kit (make, store)

I was finally able to work my way to the closets!  Specifically, I was able to focus on the linen closet (which is in a small hallway in our bedroom, and the two closets in our foyer.  When we moved in, I was in awe that there were so many closets in our house.  At our old home, we had two closets total.  Not a joke.  One closet in each bedroom.  So, here, it has been a blessing to have space.  The closets here had pretty good organizers, but the paint was wearing, there were scuffs and scratches, and some had old, warped shelving.  I was able to repurpose much of the newer wire shelving, and I only needed to replace the old wooden shelves in the linen closet.  I had purchased paint for our master closet, which I didn't end up using, so I was ready to go!

Thursday, we set to work.  First, we went to Lowes and had them cut some boards for us to the size sceps for the linen closet.  I was able to get one more than we originally had thanks to my Dad, who had more clips to the ancient shelving system we were re-using.  When we got home, Scott took everything out of all three closets, including the shelving units.  I prepped for paint and painted each closet the light grey color we already had.  While I painted the closets, Scott primed the new boards.  After the paint dried, we just put our old systems back in (in a new configurement) and ta-da!  Shiny, new closets!

For your viewing pleasure, here is the wall of our bedroom that houses our master closet, the small hallway that leads to the bathroom and where the linen closet it.  Sadly, I don't have a pic of the old linen closet, but trust me, it was bad, complete with sky blue paint and dark wood laminate warped shelves.

Move in day

After- light grey paint, new shelves (primed white), and nicely organized shelves.

From the bottom: The basket to the left holds extra toothbrushes for guests, the white basket is bathroom cleaning supplies, and the basket to the right is my sewing basket.  Above- bath mats, and two smaller baskets- the brown one is Scott's extra bath itmes (extra deoderant, razorblades, etc.) and the orange one is mine (extra contacts, etc.). 

The next two shelves: Bottom- the blue basket is our washcothes and extra cotton balls and Q-tips.  Then our face towels, then finally the towels we don't use ofthen.  Top- obviously, extra toilet paper, towels we use regularly, then some bags.  The red one is empty for now, the pink one is our small first aid kit, the purple one is my nail polish, and the clear one is also empty.  To the far right (you can't see it) is our hair trimming kit.

Top shelf: Guest towels are to the left (those will move to the main bath soon), in the middle is our travel essentials kit, and to the right are beach towels (yeah, I know, some are missing).  

So far, it makes me happy when I open this closet now ;).  After this was finished, we moved on the the foyer closets.  This pic is after we re-painted the foyer.  I don't have a pic of the insides, but they were pretty bare bones with one wire shelf each for hanging items.  The paint was an ugly old peach.  

After: new light grey paint and re-purposed wire shelving (moved from the spare room closet).  The left closet now has three shelves.  The top is for my old schoolwork, separated in bins by Undergrad work/Graudate work/Teacher Ed. work.  The second shelf is our family games, and the third shelf holds kid games, the dust buster, a tote of gift bags, and a tote with my Dyson attachments and steam mop attachments.  There is enough room at the bottom for our larger stroller, wrapping paper holder, and vacuum.

The right closet is for coats we are using at the time, shoes, diaper bag, Scott's work case, and boxes we need to keep, along with some other items we use frequently.  I put our taller Ikea Trofast unit to the right side of the closet.  In one bin we put our computer paper and photo paper.  The other bins are empty for now, but I am sure they will eventually be filled with something.  I am thinking of adding a small shelf to the bottom empty space to put shoes under and the bags on top of.  

The top shelf holds mostly boxes I like to keep, mostly to electronics we own, like computers, cameras, phones, etc.  We also have our VCR up there since I still have some Disney movies on VHS.  I hope to replace them one day, but I am keeping the VCR in case Rowan is interested in those movies before that happens.  

The next shelf holds hats, gloves, etc. in the brown basket, our video camera bag and camera/FLIP bag, a small basket with smelly good waxes (Scentsy) and matches, and then our large candles (we rotate the smells) are to the far right.

So, there they are!  Re-organized, re-painted closets! The only closet that is left to paint is the pantry...  Scott is dreading that one (and I am too).  

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