Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Living Room Update

Aside from working on the kitchen cabinets, I have been trying to do little things in the house that have been neglected.  First of all, the living room, the room where we spend the most time, probably looked the worst in terms of decorating goes.  See?

It was okay, but I really didn't know what to put on the walls, and I was starting to hate the cheap, stained rug.  There are a lot of things we would love to do in this room, like a new entertainment unit, putting in a doorway to the dining room, but we don't really want to spend the money on those things just yet.

Hanging things on the walls isn't that expensinve, and we already had some frames and decor, so I got some old and new and put them together.  We also needed to rearrange things a little bit to accomodate Rowan's toys.  She lives here, too.  I know some people really hate toys in the living room, but as long as it doesn't look messy, it's fine by me.

So, here is what our room looks like today:

I had been eyeing a rug on for a while now, and almost got it when they had their 60% off sale, but I waited.  Then, a few weeks ago, they had a 75% off sale.  Scott said to go for it since they may not be any cheaper than that.  I really like it, and it makes the room a lot more cozy than the old rug.

I also hung some ledges on the wall and put up some pictures and figurines I have.  While not everyone is into that stuff, I just have a few of them from Scott and some students, and I really like the sentiment. 

PS- did you see that large empty spot on the dark brown wall to the right of the couch?  Something special is coming for that area soon!  Stay tuned to find out what it is.  I am SUPER excited about it!!

Ok, back to the room...  I moved the oversized chair to the opposite corner to accomodate a few things for Rowan.  While out garage saling this summer, we scored an awesome train table for $15!!  Rowan already had train tracks, and she loves Thomas the Train, so it was a no-brainer to get her one of these.  So, that is living in the corner where the chair used to be, and I moved her six-cubby shelf over there as well so all the toys would be in the same area.  Of course her chair lives over in that area as well. Perfect access to T.V. with Dora the Explorer.

In the other corner, we hung our four RIBBA frames from Ikea, and they were hanging empty for a long time.  (PS- here is a tip for hanging frames perfectly.)  So, when Rowan and I had finger paints out  when making Daddy's Father's Day present, we went ahead and did some art for the frames.

The other part of the room is a little plain art-wise.  I don't want to hang anything above the television because when we do eventually get an entertainment unit for the wall, I would just have to take it down anyway.  I do have something in mind for the sides of the DVD cases...  I bought two small square canvases, and I orginally wanted to paint them with scenes of the four seasons, but then I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I think I may do that because I could change it up easily.

So, there you have it!  The updated living room!

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