Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our Home To Do List: One Year Later

I cannot believe that it was a whole year ago that we purchased our home.  At the same time, I cannot believe it was just one year ago.  This house has so much potential for us.  I still feel like this was an amazing move for us- we almost doubled our space (which was much needed), and we are all so much happier here in our quiet, country setting.  Love.  

So, looking at our to-do list, many things have been accomplished, but there is still much to do.

- Paint Rowan’s room (½ Indulgent, ½ melange green)
- Paint hallway/foyer (Grey)
- Paint master bedroom (Cottage Cream)
- Paint office (recycled glass)
- install a microwave range
- Remove wallpaper mural in LR, paint (beige and accent wall chocolate)
- Remove wallpaper in kitchen, paint kitchen/dinning room  (topsail, riverway behind fireplace)
- Purchase a new storm door for the front door
- Organize the pantry
- Purchase and install light and switch plate covers (they are mismatched now- that bugs me)
- Paint bonus room (waterfall)
- Paint spare bedroom
- Carpet the bonus room
- Paint front door, garage door, and back door
- Paint and organize the foyer closets
- Paint and organize the linen closet
- Paint the kitchen cabinets white
- Replace kitchen cabinet hardware
- Re-Vamp outdoor area: knock out old screen porch and deck

- Organize the garage
- Organize the storage shed
- Organize the attic
- Move Rowan to a big-girl room (big bed, rearrange toys/furniture) paint new colors

- Install a fence
- Purchase, stain, and install bi-fold doors in the bonus room closets
- Tile the foyer
- Mini- Kitchen reno: replace countertops, replace sink, add a backsplash (possibly update cabinets?)
- Tile kitchen, laundry
- Purchase, stain, and replace doors, closet doors, and pocket doors with solid wood doors/new hardware
- Purchase and replace door hardware on French doors leading outside, back door, and front door
- Mini- reno in Rowan’s bathroom: replace tub, tile tub surround, tile floor
- Mini-reno in Master bathroom: replace tub/create large shower, tile surround, tile floor

- Add on a third garage stall/hopefully can add a 1 ½ car garage unattached by then?
- Add either French doors or an opening between the living room and dinning room
- Install hardwood flooring in the living room/dinning room
- Add on a family room and ½ bath in the bonus room area (maybe, depending on our needs at the time)

So, there it is!  Since we are in debt payoff mode, I don't think any big stuff will be finished until next year, but little things here and there.  

Rowan's big-girl room will be a priority soon, but we have everything we need for that except new paint and a twin mattress and boxspring.  I can't wait to create a new room for her!  I am sure she will want to help us out with it, and I am ready to see her ideas!  

This summer (hopefully before it gets too hot), Scott and I will get a chance to re-vamp the garage.  There is storage in there now, but it is awkwardly placed, so we want to move things around and spruce it up.  I love pulling into a "pretty" garage when I get home :).  

The attic should be no big deal since I don't go up there- ha!  Scott just needs to make sure all the totes are labeled and sorted according to season, etc.

The storage shed...  I love that is is made to be organized well, but we have some (hopefully friendly) mice in there at times, so Scott will have to be in there with me when we do that for sure!  I don't mind that they are there (hey, they can't eat the riding mower, right?), but they freak me out! 

Hopefully next year this list will look even better!

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