Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Deck

Ever since we bought our new home, we knew we would have to do something to the back porch.  When we moved here, the house had an existing screened in (sort of) porch on a concrete patio.  The top was not really covered well.  It had slanted boards (slanted towards the house-strange) and the screen on the top and some of the sides was ripping off.  A few years ago, there was a terrible wind storm here, and the house had roof damage.  While the old owners replaced the entire roof of the home, they left the damage on the screened patio.  No biggie to just fix that up, right?  WRONG!

The plan was to create a walk out deck (I don't like stepping down right outside the door), raise the exising screen door, replace the screen (my Dad already knew how to do this since they did it at their house), and create an actual roof so rain would not slide towards the house.  In the future, we wanted to add a small uncovered deck to the side and connect the two with a screened door.

Well, that didn't happen.

Over the summer, I realized that wasps LOVE our house.  Seriously.  Every time I went outside to play with Rowan, at least one (if not more) wasp got stuck in the screened in porch.  They were able to get in, but they couldn't figure out how to get OUT.  I hated it.  I finally told Scott I would rather just take the screened in portion down and live with just the concrete pad than to deal with the imprisoned wasps.  So, that is what we did...

In one day, Scott tore down the entire structure and burned it.  While he did so, we realized how rickety it actually was, and I was glad we just got rid of it.

So, for a while, we just had a concrete pad, and guess what?  I HATED it.  It was super hot out on that pad (country girl here, who doesn't like to wear shoes outside), and it seemed to bake everything on and around it.  I did really like all the sunlight that came in the patio doors, though, so at least that was a plus.  After a while, though, I really wanted a deck.  The small patio just did not fit our (even small) table and chairs, plus Rowan's outdoor toys were on the patio as well.  I did my fair share of bitching complaining about the small patio, and someone must have taken note, because my parents, being the amazing people they are, said they would go ahead and help us build a deck.  Who-hoo!

Of course, by this time it was October.

So, we had minimal time to get a frame put up and a deck built before cold weather hit, plus we were having Rowan's birthday party at our house this year.  I was really hoping the deck would be finished by then because we needed access to the bounce house we were renting for the birthday party.

My Dad decided to contract out the frame of the deck since he hadn't done that before, and we needed to put bolts in our foundation.  Scary!  I am glad pros did that.  Good thing one of my friend's (who lives in our neighborhood) dad is a contractor ;).  The frame was complete in a few days.  We opted not to do a covered portion since I really loved all the sunlight the openness let in the dining room.

Scott and my Dad were going to do the deck boards, railing, and stairs.  Alas, deer season was soon upon us, so it took a good five-six weeks for this to be completed since they only worked on it a few days a week, and Scott finished the deck surround in December on his own.  No problem, right?!  we only ran into a few snags.  We needed some extra siding to fix the areas where the old porch was attached to the house, and even though they don't make our exact siding anymore, we were able to find a SUPER close match (only I can tell it's not the same) and have my friend's dad put it up  so it looks good ;).  We also need to color match the soffit above the spot of the old covered area, but we will do that in warmer weather.

I am really happy with the way the deck turned out.  It so much more HUGE than the previous dinky patio, has really nice railing, after I searched for the perfect style for HOURS and we were even able to put a little gate underneath for storage, and you know how much I like to find storage space out of unlikely places.  We ever had enough left over lumber to do the smaller deck on the far side of the house so they match.  LOVE!

And guess what?  It was mostly finished for Rowan's party.

The almost complete deck:

I can't wait to be able to use the FINISHED deck when the weather warms up.  I know Rowan and I will enjoy it on lazy summer days.

I am so thankful that this project was done.  I thought it would take us a few years, and never imaginged it would look so beautiful!  I am so glad my Dad and Scott were able to do almost all of the work, and it just makes me apprecate it that much more.  Thanks to my wonderful parents for this amazing gift, and thanks to my wonderful husband for putting up with my bitching complaining that it wasn't getting done quickly enough :).

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Sarajan (Jan to friends!) said...

Great job on your new deck! What an undertaking but so worth the effort. Congratulations on your new outdoor space! -- Jan