Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Big Girl Room for Rowan

Our daughter still sleeps in a crib.  Yup, I said it.  She is two years and almost three months old and still sleeps in her crib.  She has never tried to climb out of it- ever.  I kind of wish I could keep her in it forever because I envision her playing in her room all night long when we finally do put her in a bed.  It scares me.  I initially didn't want to move her to a bed until summer, but that is also when I plan on trying to potty-train her, so two big changes at once isn't going to work out well.  That means it's time for a big girl bed in a big girl room.

My spring break is the first week of April this year, and I think I will tackle fixing up the room.  She will be moving in the corner room, which is used as a flex space right now.  Honestly, Rowan is the only one who uses it since a lot of her toys are in there.  It is a huge mess right now.

This is real life, people!

The room she is currently in only has one window, so it doesn't get the best lighting, and even though they are the exact same size, it is better used as a nursery.  The futon and small tables will move in there, and we will leave the rocker/recliner in there as well until we are ready for another nursery.

I will be painting the new room's ceiling and walls over break.  I really hate painting ceilings, so I may have Scott do that on the days before I am off.  (He owes me since I did all the ceilings in our old house.)  We got a bed on craigslist that we also need to paint.  It is a twin sized bed with three shelves for a headboard.  It will be the perfect place for her bedtime books and nightlight.  I'd like to paint it white to match her existing furniture (well, my Dad will since he's bored out of his retired mind right now), and I may do something fun with color in the cubbies.

Rowan picked out a bedding (out of some options we gave her) and got it for Christmas, and we will use a lot of the same things she currently has- her dressers, nightstand, art work, etc.  Her curatins will work with the bedding she got, as will her throw pillows and blankies.  The bedding she chose is a lot like her current room- a woodsy theme.  The options narrowed to these two:

To be honest, I was really hoping she would pick option two, but she chose the one with more pink.  Go figure.  I have really been missing her original blue walled nursery, and had visions of another blue room, but that won't do with her choice.  We went to both Lowes and Sherwin Williams (our go-to for paint) and let her pick out some pink, green, yellow, and even purple swatches (of course we steered her away from colors that were too bright).  Then, after a month or so, she narrowed it down to constantly picking pink and yellow.  Again with the pink.  I don't think she realizes Mommy doesn't care for pink.

I went an got two samples of color at Sherwin Williams, and we just had the Valspar yellow color matched there.  I really love their paint.  It came down to Star Bright (yellow) and Priscilla (Sherwin Williams).  


We will have two yellow walls (the ones with windows since her curtain panels are pink), and two pink walls.  I really liked having two colors like she currently does, and I didn't want to put up a chair rail to do top and bottom.  After putting some on the wall, I think it will be just perfect!  The pink isn't overwhelming, and the yellow makes the room look bright.

I can't wait to get started on clearing this room and getting it decorated!  I am sure Rowan will love it, even though I am super nervous about the big bed and seeing my little girl grow up :(.  Stay tuned for more sneak peeks before the big reveal!

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