Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Picture Ledge

When we I repainted the living room, we moved our movie shelving to the corner, which I love.  This move meant that the floating shelves needed to be moved as well, and when we moved them this time, they just weren't being cooperative.  I guess after about eight years, they just didn't want to move any more.  One of the shelves was bowed a little, and it did not want to hang nicely.  I didn't want to risk things falling, especially by the T.V., so I took them both down.

I started looking into buying a picture ledge that we would be able to use, but they are so pricey!  Then, I looked at a few blogs and websites of DIY ledges.  Really?  Three pieces of wood and some stain vs. $89 and up?  Scott was on it.  He surprised me on Valentine's Day with an 8 ft. ledge and a cake made by him and Rowan.

via my Instagram
I debated the stain color for a few days, but then I decided I wanted it dark brown and rustic, so we got a rustoleum stain called Koba.  Scott stained it one day and we polyed it the next day.  It was ready to hang at the beginning of the week, and after drilling it straight into the studs, I feel like this is so much sturdier than what we had.  I love it!  

Now I need to figure out how to accessorize it nicely, and we will be set!

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