Monday, February 4, 2013

Master Bedroom Update

This weekend, something unexpected happened.  In no way, shape, or form were we thinking about getting a new bed.  But, we got one.

It all started Saturday.  I had been lounging a bit with a sick kiddo on Friday, and I saw a few pictures of upholstered headboards.  I have always liked them, and I hoped that one day I would be able to talk Scott out of the large sleigh style bed we have hogging up the bedroom.  That day was Saturday.

I just happened to ask Scott if he wouldn't mind me posting the bed and seeing if we could get a litle more than what a new headboard would cost (he was very skepitcal we could even get $50; that silly boy).  And guess what?  We got it!  Almost immediately, someone wanted the bed, and they came to get it today.

Then, something else happened.  Multiple people starting asking if we were selling the mattress and boxspring, too.  Our plan was to keep our current set, get a larger heardboard for now, and save up to buy a king set later.  After some people mentionted wanting the mattress/boxspring, we went to browse mattesses to see if it would even be feasible at the moment.  And low and behold, we found a king pillowtop mattess for 50% off original price!  So, basically, I could get a new mattress with boxsprings for the same price as selling our entire bed.

The only thing I'd have to pay for is a headboard, frame, and bedding.  I was able to score a king sized frame on craigslist for $20!!!  I also found some bedding on clearance at Target.  It was meant to be, right?

While I didn't want to spend any money on "new" things, I had an extra paycheck this month, and we got a little but more back in taxes than I anticipated, so I feel a "little" bit better about my bedding purchases.  And the headboard?  Well, I have grand plans...  I browsed a few of my favorite blogs, such as Dusty and Kim's, and both have upholstered her own headboards.  I can SO do that!  I can't wait to DIY something!!!  This gives me the pefect opportunity, plus I will save a LOT of money in the process.  Score!

So, today, my room looked like this (excuse the mess- this is an in-progress shot).

Wish me luck!

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

How awesome is this? I've been toying with doing the same for our living room sofa. I'd really like a more comfy and family friendly sectional but they aren't cheap. I know it wouldn't be a wash, but a little money would be nice to go towards it

Good luck with the headboard. I'm sure it will look awesome.