Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Obsession with Craigslist

I love craigslist for selling stuff we don't need anymore instead of throwing it away, and I also love it for finding things we would definitely use or repurpose instead of buying new.  We have used craigslist for buying toys Rowan has specifically loved at the library, Funshop, or pre-school, to searching for more expensive items we can get for a bargain since they've been used.  I LOVE it. I  know in some places, it's not very safe to buy from and sell to strangers, but when I can, I meet people in public places.  A few times we have sold large items that needed pick-up, but I always have Scott home with me, and he isn't shy about letting it be known we have guns (sorry if that offends some of  you).

This past weekend, I scored two major items on craigslist, as well as selling quite a few things in the past few weeks.  I have been de-cluttering lately- it's probably a springtime thing :).  I've made a good $300 getting rid of things that would normally have gone to Goodwill.  It makes me really happy to know someone is getting some use out of things we don't want/need anymore, and I made some money in the process.  One of these big ticket items is... our dining room table!

I told you a few months ago that I wanted a larger table, and I showed you pictures of what I was looking for.

Picture via here.  
We decided we could build one ourselves, and calculated how much it would cost us to do so.  Since the living room and Rowan's big girl room have been taking the bulk of any savings at the moment, I would dreamily look in the furniture section on craigslist, dreaming about finding a cheap version of what we wanted.  I do that all the time; it's a habit I can't break!

A few times I saw tables that looked appealing, but weren't white and rustic like I really wanted, and they were a bit too expensive.  Then one day, I saw IT.  A table that looked almost EXACTLY like what I wanted...  and I thought for days about how I could make it mine.  Around this time was when I was selling things we didn't need, but it wasn't enought to purchase the table.  The only solution was to post our table and see if someone would buy it.  And guess what?  Just like the bed, it sold!  I had enough to buy the table!!  Now our dining room looks like this:

Yup, that's right, my kid is eating mini MnMs before dinner. :)

The table had only belonged to one owner, who had it custom made.  The only things we would like to change are to make the frame larger (more towards the edge like the inspiration pic), and to stain it a darker color (like our buffet).  Since the previous ower only used wood wax on it and not poly, all we need to do is put the stain on- no sanding!!  Sweet!  Of course, now we have no chairs, but my plan was always to get four mismatched chairs and paint them either all different colors, ala

Pic via here

Or to paint all the chairs one color, but still have them mismatched, ala

Pic via here

Right now, I am leaning more towards one color.  I only have one chair at the moment, but I am scouring craigslist :) for more by the day.  I do not want to pay any more than $15 per chair.  We also want to build a matching bench for one side of the table, so in all we will be able to seat six witout a leaf.  This will be great since my family comes over quite a bit.

I also scored another big item this week.  I have been looking for a dollhouse for Rowan for about six months now.  I wanted either a dollhouse bookcase or a small wooden dollhouse that would fit on a table top.  I REALLY love the Pottery Barn dollhouse bookcase, but $400!  No way!  I also love the Pottery Barn dollhouses, but again, too expensive.  Every once in a blue moon, someone posts one of these items on our craiglist, or a knock-off or homemade version of one or the other, but they are still expensive.  Once or twice I emailed about a few, but someone either beat me to the punch, or it needed to much work.  I knew this was something Scott could make as well, but since he watches Rowan two days a week, sometimes projects are too much for him to handle with a toddler in tow.  This weekend, though, someone had an older version of the PB dollhouse bookcase posted for $20.  $20?!  I jumped on that!  Even if I didn't end up using it, for $20 I could get it and resell it later if we didn't end up needing it.  I got lucky and was the first to email, and yesterday I picked it up.

And because I was so excited, I already set it up in Rowan's room with some dollhouse furniture I was saving to open after moving into her big girl room.  She LOVES it!!  I have to admit, I love it, too.  I honestly think we could use it for her dollhouse AND a bookcase because it is so huge.  We'll see what happens once we get the big girl room set up.  

So, there are the two major scores lately...  hopefully I get lucky soon for some chairs I can repaint for the dining table.  It's looking pretty bare in there!  

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born ambitious. born imaginative. said...

I love craigslist too...and have furnished much of my house that way. I agree painting the chairs the same color to start...and if you don't like it, it's easier to change one or two at a time to a different color. Fun projects!