Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Big Girl Room for Rowan: Take Two

Whew!  We are finally finished getting the room ready for move in!  This was a LOT longer of a process than we anticipated...  for many reasons.  Taking the baseboards and casings off was easy, but everything else was a little more laborious than we wished.

Number one- we merely wanted to paint the ceiling.  We have acoustical (popcorn) ceilings.  I am totally okay with them because I don't stare at my ceilings.  However, when Scott tried to paint Rowan's ceiling (they are all in need of a painting since they have years of paint boo-boos on them), all the stucco started coming off.  No biggie- he just spent ALL.DAY. placing it back on after painting a little section at a time.  Then, it started to dry... and the ceiling was cracking.  Then a little piece bubbled and broke :(.  We were going to have to scrape it all.

Scott was so tired at this point, he wanted to give up for the day, but he stayed up until the wee hours of the morning scraping the entire ceiling to prep it for a RE-paint the next day.  He was pretty sore after painting, scraping, and then painting again...

After it was done, the ceiling actually looked much taller, and in the end, even though we will have to do it to the entire house eventually, I think it will look better.

We put in the new closet door around that same time, which was fairly easy aside from a few shimming issues.  Scott had to patch up a lot of the wall, but now that it is finished, you cannot even tell.

After all the patching was finished, it was time to paint!!  This was my job since Scott isn't a fan of painting, plus he did do the ceiling work.

For a while, it looked like the Easter bunny threw up some pastel sunshine, but after I finished, it looked super nice!  I actually used a different yellow than we originally picked.  I intended to use Valspar's Star Bright (color matched to Sherwin Williams), but it was too bright, so I toned it down to SW Full Moon.

After painting by booty off Friday night, Scott spent Saturday putting up the window and door casings in the room and in the closet.  Then Sunday (the day of the snowpocalypse) he was able to put up the baseboards.  (My Dad painted them during the week. I love that he is retired!!)  Our surprise here was that we intended to use the original trim and just repaint it, but when my Dad tried to sand them, he said it was going to be a mess since it took him 25 minutes to just knock the poly off of one piece.  We took this as an opportunity to choose trim we really liked, so we picked up some new pieces that are thicker than the original, and we really like the way they look.

For  now, we are leaving the entrance door to the room original until all the bedrooms get new trim, then once all the rooms off the hallway are white trimmed, we are going to put up the new white doors. We woudl like to do this little by little so we can pay cash for all of this remodeling.  

Next, time to put the closet door back on!  Scott primed and then put two coats of paint on the door, so it was ready Monday night.  We then put up the new curtain rods (Rowan picked those out), and ta-da! We were ready to clean the carpets.  When I got home from work today, I cleaned those puppies (they actually weren't that bad!), and we are ready to start moving in the furniture once they dry.  We will probably wait until Friday to really move her in since my Dad is still finishing up painting her craigslist find bed, but I love just sitting in the sunlight filled room, imagining Rowan playing with her toys and reading her books!  She is such a big girl now!

Here is the tour:

Two pink and two bright, cherry yellow walls.  Green mini-dot black-out panels from Pottery Barn Kids.

Bright, new smooth ceiling.

New heating vents to match the white trim.  (The futon will be moving out once Ro moves in.)

New six-panel solid wood door.

New larger, white baseboards.

New larger, white casing for windows and doors.

New brushed nickel door hardware.

Butterfly curtain rods from Target.

Same Ikea Trofast closet system she already had (we had installed it at the same time we did her room, so I just had to swap the bins :).

The major accomplishment: Rowan actually says, "It's my new room!" in her exciting little voice when she walks by or in it.  Love!

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