Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Dining Room Table Part Two!

Our new table is great, but there is one part that I wasn't really fond of after we got it home.  I didn't like the frame.  It was a little too far "in."  In the inspiration pic I showed you here, the legs are farther out, and the frame is connected to the side of the leg rather than around the legs like we had.  


We priced some wood for a new table frame while we were out getting the wood for the bench, and we decided to go for a nee frame.  Scott thinks he can make a new top for the old frame so we can sell it for a profit :).  That would be great!  

After a few hours of work cutting, measuring, and carefully peicing things together, we have a nice, new, BEAUTIFUL frame for our tabletop.  I love it!  We are still going to keep the bottom white, so Scott will paint it pretty soon.  

Before we tackled the new table frame, Scott finished building the bench seat.  He made the top previously, and stained the bottom so we could see if we liked the color we chose.  He then started with the legs, then moved to the sides, then added some supports.  We still have to paint the underside of this white as well, then we will stain both the bench seat and tabletop.  Eek!  Almost finished!

I still need to find two more chairs, then I can sand and paint them.  I decided to go for making the chairs all one color, and I will wait to reveal that when I finally get to the point of paiting them :).  

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