Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer To Do List Update 1

We started working on the list about a month ago.  Initially, we started outside, hoping to get a lot accomplished, which we did, but some of it was not on the list :).  Once it got too hot outside to stand for very long, we moved on inside.  After finishing a few tasks on the dining room chairs, we set to work on the office!  It's going to look completely different!!  I can't wait to finish it up, which will hopefully happen in the next two weeks.  A trip to Ikea must be completed to get my new bookshelves, so that is why it will take so long.  Then, we need to work on the other two bedrooms before we re-evaluate what will come next.  We have also decided Thursdays will be family fun days, and we have already been to the zoo last Thursday.  Rowan had a blast!  I SO look forward to those days all week!  :)

A (fuzzy- sorry) teaser photo since posts with no photos are pretty boring:

The Summer To-Do List

o   Scrape ceiling in office
o   Paint ceiling in office
o   Paint office
o   New trim in office
o   New outlet in office
o   Move cable in office
o   Rearrange office (need to get the new bookshelves)
o   Get office organized

Master Bedroom:
o   Scrape ceiling in master bedroom
o   Paint ceiling in master bedroom
o   Touch up paint in master bedroom
o   New trim in master bedroom

Spare Room:
o   New door in spare room closet
o   Scrape ceiling in spare room
o   Paint ceiling in spare room
o   Paint spare room
o   New trim in spare room

o   Scrape ceiling in hallway and foyer
o   Paint ceiling in hallway and foyer
o   Touch up hallway and foyer paint
o   New trim in hallway and foyer

o   Take down old shelving
o   Paint old shelving to re-use
o   Patch walls
o   Paint walls
o   Put back old shelving in new areas
o   Make new shelving
o   Organize

o   Rock around the shed for firewood and lawn equipment
o   Fix/clean guttering
o   Curve edging in the front
o   Plant grass seed in bare spots
o   Trim pine trees
o   Cut down dead pine trees
o   Cut down old clothesline
o   Get weeds under control!

o   Rowan’s photo album from year 1 and start this year
o   Family photo albums
o   Wedding shadowbox
o   Rowan shadowbox
o   Finish the last dining chair

Master Bathroom (maybe)
o   Scrape ceiling in master bathroom
o   Paint ceiling in master bathroom
o   Paint master bathroom
o   New trim in master bathroom

Main Bathroom (maybe)
o   Scrape ceiling in bathroom
o   Paint ceiling in bathroom
o   Paint bathroom
o   New trim in bathroom

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