Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Koi Pond

At our first house we had an existing koi pond in the back yard right next to the covered porch.  Scott really loved it, and I tolerated it at first.  Then, I really started to enjoy having it around.  It was very peaceful, and I liked being outside reading, grading, barbequing, and listening to the waterfall and watching our little fishy friends swim around.

Other than ripping out fugly plants and putting in newer, brighter ones, I don't remember doing all that much to this pond.

When we moved, we had five koi with us that didn't have a home :(.  We were definitely not leaving them there since we'd had them for what seemed like forever, and they had gotten huge.  Since they were inside for the winter anyway, we just took them with us and figured we would get a pond done in the spring. We had the perfect spot picked out in the back, behind the living room window, next to the porch.  Sadly, one fish died on the move over, and three more died within a few months :(.  Ralph, however, was a survivor!  He is still going strong and loves his new home!

Well, that was in 2012.  We dug a hole last year, and there that hole sat until about a month ago.

You see, my adventerous husband wanted to make his own pond with a flexible liner, and it would be deep enough to keep the fish in all winter.  We stopped short of putting in the liner last year because liners are freaking $$$!!  I was not about to spend that kind of money on a pond liner.  It took me an entire year to convince him that a pre-made liner would be just fine.

Finally, we chose one that was deeper than our old one, and a little bigger as well.  Husband was happy, and I was happy.  He and my amazing Dad ran new outlets to that side of the house, put in the liner in and sand around it so it could flex, then he ran his new pump and filter to it.  He got new plants, and he had the pond filled for a while before I finally chose plants to place around the pond.  Then, we placed some stone around the edge.

This past week we finished it up with some more stone, built a box around the filter to hide it nicely, and put our fish in.  They are nice and settled and loving every inch of space they have!

And here we have our new pond, complete with hidden fliter/pump and new landscaping around it to boot!  Sweet!

Here are the views:

My view from the deck

The new connected back and side landscaping.

The view from the backyard

Up close of the box that houses the pump/filter.  Scott will just need to weather treat this before fall.

Up close of the pond... ah, bliss.

I tried to bribe our big guy, Ralph, with food, but he is camera shy.  His little buddies are camera shy, too :).

And that my friends is it!  I am so glad this little project is finished, and Ralph and his friends can enjoy outside time until winter.

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