Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer To-Do List Update 2

Whew!  I feel like we are making HUGE progress, but this list is still super long!  :(  I am pretty sure we won't get to many of the items, but that is okay!  Scott and I have been doing our best, and we have been trying to do a lot of activities with Rowan.  It makes me feel good to take time out and spend intentional time with her.

This is our life a few days a week...

 The Summer To-Do List

o   Scrape ceiling in office
o   Paint ceiling in office
o   Paint office
o   New trim in office
o   New outlet in office
o   Move cable in office
o   Rearrange office (need to get the new bookshelves)
o   Get office organized sort of- I am waiting for cash to get more organization tools, but it is pretty good!

Master Bedroom:
o   Scrape ceiling in master bedroom
o   Paint ceiling in master bedroom
o   Touch up paint in master bedroom
o   New trim in master bedroom

Spare Room:
o   New door in spare room closet
o   Scrape ceiling in spare room
o   Paint ceiling in spare room
o   Paint spare room
o   New trim in spare room

o   Scrape ceiling in hallway and foyer
o   Paint ceiling in hallway and foyer
o   Touch up hallway and foyer paint
o   New trim in hallway and foyer

o   Take down old shelving
o   Paint old shelving to re-use
o   Patch walls
o   Paint walls
o   Put back old shelving in new areas
o   Make new shelving
o   Organize

o   Rock around the shed for firewood and lawn equipment
o   Fix/clean guttering
o   Curve edging in the front
o   Plant grass seed in bare spots
o   Trim pine trees
o   Cut down dead pine trees
o   Cut down old clothesline
o   Get weeds under control!

o   Rowan’s photo album from year 1 and start this year
o   Family photo albums
o   Wedding shadowbox
o   Rowan shadowbox started!
o   Finish the last dining chair

Master Bathroom (maybe)
o   Scrape ceiling in master bathroom
o   Paint ceiling in master bathroom
o   Paint master bathroom
o   New trim in master bathroom

Main Bathroom (maybe)
o   Scrape ceiling in bathroom
o   Paint ceiling in bathroom
o   Paint bathroom
o   New trim in bathroom

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