Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Master Bedroom

Over the last few weeks, we decided to tackle renovating the master bedroom.  Before, it was just a plain old blah room.

On move in day, it looked like this...

Right off the bat, I painted it SW Cottage Cream, one of my favorite neutrals.  

Then, we reconfigured the closet, and got a larger bed with new headboard.

I thought we would be finished for a while, but since we started scraping ceilings room by room and changing the trim from wood to white, we decided the bedrooms would be finished first, and our bedroom was next!

Our bedroom actually took the most trim out of all the rooms we will change.  There are four doorways, two windows, and long baseboard walls.  I painted all 28 pieces one morning, and poor Scott scraped and painted the ceiling over a few days (it gave us some problems).  We also decided to go ahead and change the ORB light fixtures we didn't care for to brushed stainless, and now it looks great!!  We are waiting to change the doors to six-panel white until the white trim is in the entire bedroom wing of the house.

So, here is our bedroom today...

Ah!  Much better! :)

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