Sunday, February 9, 2014

Baby 2: Nursery Ideas

I am about twenty weeks, so that means for the past twenty weeks (or more) I have been planning a nursery :).  I am giving Scott free reign when it comes to boy things, so mostly I have been pinning things for girl nurseries and going wild in that department.  I think at this point I've narrowed things down to my favorites.  In anticipation of it becoming a nursery in the near future, the room was already painted a pale yellow color when we scraped the ceiling and redid the trim, so that is not an issue.  I knew I would work around that color for either sex.


The bedding was Scott's pick since before we had Rowan.  I would rather do a much bolder blue and green look, but I'll let him have this :).  We will use the same white crib from Rowan- the Peyton Bonavita.  We would be getting a new dresser and nightstand in blue from the Ikea Hemnes line.  Rowan's have held up so well, and I love the look of the clean lines.  We will need a new lamp with shade- either gren or blue, and new blackout curtains.  I'll probably go with Pottery Barn Kids mini dot in green since I like those in Rowan's room so much.


This is where I would get to indulge in my favorite color- purple!  I tried to not do much purple in Rowan's nursery and let her pick her own big girl colors, so this is my last chance!  So- same paint, same crib.  The new dresser is still the Ikea Hemnes line, but it would be white.  I thought that might be fun so they could mix and match furniture pieces later since Rowan has the tall dresser and three drawer already.  We would also need a nightstand in here as well (not pictured).  I really, really, really love the Pottery Barn Kids Brooklyn bedding- it is purple and aqua, so I would try to match decor to that.  I would probably only end up getting the quilt and the crib skirt since we don't use the bumper, and I am sure I could find sheets to match much cheaper at Target.  I found tons of inspiration for decor on etsy, so I put a few of my favorites on the board- a bird mobile and a set of three coordinating prints.  Swoon!

Hopefully right after my anatomy scan on the twentieth Rowan will post a picture of whether she is getting a brother or a sister (even though we got a guess at our last ultrasound).  I wanted to wait to be completely sure.  Maybe then I won't be so hesitant to buy things for little Goober :).

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