Sunday, March 16, 2014

Currently... in Our State of Remodel

This weekend, Scott was able to fix the electrical outlets around the new door opening, rip out all the old laminate floors and underlayment (our new floors have it attached), rip out almost all of the trim in the rooms getting replacement trim, put new doors in the foyer, take out the old pocket doors, and mud the areas around the new doors.  Whew!  The poor guy hasn't had a day off in a while.

My Dad picked up the new flooring, which name in early, and it is now sitting in the house awaiting placement!

Our plan for this week is to patch all the holes on walls in these rooms, rip out the hallway trim and carpet, paint the hallway and foyer, touchup paint around the de-popcorned ceiling in the living room, and prep for flooring.  Scott hopes to lay the flooring on his actual days off this week.

After flooring is in place, we will need to paint all the trim and doors (we still need to purchase a paint sprayer for this massive job, reinstall the doors with their new hardware, and install the new trim.  We have been debating going ahead and getting new steel patio doors leading from the dining room to the deck, but we're still in the process of thinking it through.

I really hope we finish the floor and trim before my Spring Break (April 14) from work so I can clean up and then enjoy our last mini vacation as a family of three.  I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and I think it's going to look great!!

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