Saturday, March 8, 2014

Living Room: Phase Two

When we moved in, our living room was a hot mess, as evidenced by these move in day pics:

Our immediate concern was not this room, so it stayed this way for about a month before we started Phase 1: making the room our own with decor.

The deer mural was put to rest and our room became boring beige (which I thought I'd love).

It didn't take me long to realize I am not a beige person.  On to blue, grey, and yellow! (the red hung out for a while unti it was replaced)

Recently, we had gotten a new rug because this one (although I LOVE it and it is the perfect size) shed WAY too much to be in the room we are in the most.  All the pillows were switched out to blue, grey, and hints of yellow, and a new white blankie replaced the red one.

Phase 2: Now...  we are in the middle of a reno.  :)

New smooth celings are in progress...  and they look GOOD!

This beautiful french door was just waiting for its new home

And then we had a giant hole in the wall!  This is looking into the LR:

And from the LR to the DR/Kitchen with the door propped where it will go

I think I'm in love.  Scott is framing the doorway as I type, so the door will be ready to place in tomorrow.

After the door is complete (drywall fixed, etc.) Scott will rip out all the flooring in both rooms, the foyer, and hallway, prep it, and we will start laying this beautiful stuff we ordered today (Saturday).

I'll have to let you know how installation goes and how well it holds up.  I looked at so many brands of flooring in different price ranges, and we just decided to go for this one that we really loved the look of.  It is handscraped laminate.  I used to hate laminate, but once we moved here and lived with some cheaper laminate for a while, I realized how much nicer it was to clean and keep up with a kid and two dogs.  No scratches- say what?!  I hope this laminate holds up just as well, if not better, than the cheaper stuff we are taking out.

The last step will be adding the new WHITE(!) trim.  Then, the only thing left to do in the future is replace the windows.  We aren't ready to tackle that expensive of a project yet, so it will be a few years.

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