Monday, April 14, 2014

Flooring and Trim Update

Whew!  It's been a while and we are still not completely finished with the trim and doors, but we are over half way there.  The floors took Scott about four days to finish by himself.  His knees hurt pretty badly when he was finished, but we are both really proud of his work.  Even a few contractors we've had come fix some carpeting and our new door have complimented his work, so he must have done it right!

I think it looks wonderful!  Once he finished the floor, he started on the trim for the hall and foyer, which is all we purchased before our project began.  Since we are replacing all of the doors in the hall and foyer, he wanted to paint those next.  The closet doors and pocket doors are still not up since there are nine doors total to be painted by hand.

I love that we now have continuous floors from the foyer into the main rooms and hall.  They make the rooms seem so much larger.  I also love the darker floors (but not too dark).  We had someone come tuck the carpet under the transitions because we weren't comfortable doing it alone, and I think those turned out well, too!

Once we get the hallway doors in, we will go ahead and purchase trim for the living and dining rooms.

We went ahead and replaced the patio door as well.  The original 1987 door was there, and while it was a nice door, it was showing some wear and tear.  Instead of just re-painting it once again, we decided to upgrade to a steel french door.  It opens exactly as our old one did, but it looks so much nicer and will compliment the french doors leading to the living room.

Sorry for the dark pic- it's a dreary day here in the midwest.  Basically, I hope that the next time I show pics, all the doors will be up and only trim will be missing.  Maybe by the time baby #2 makes her appearance, this project will be complete :)!

And just for fun- Before and Afters of the foyer and hallway.

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