Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Home To-Do List (Update)

I meant to write this post in January when we had really been here two years, but hey, I was still puking my guts out almost daily and sleeping when I got home from work, so that didn't work out very well.  Now that I feel better two or three days a week (9 more weeks, 9 more weeks) I think I can tackle this. 

We really have accomplished a huge portion of what we want to do here, and some of the things we wanted to do in the begining have changed a bit, so even if this bores other people, it is good for us to lay it out there.

- Rowan's big girl room
- Paint hallway/foyer- done twice!
- Paint master bedroom
- Paint office- done twice!
- install a microwave range
- Remove wallpaper mural in LR, paint- again, done twice!
- Remove wallpaper in kitchen, paint kitchen/dinning room  (topsail, riverway behind fireplace)
- Purchase a new storm door for the front door
- Organize the pantry
- Purchase and install light and switch plate covers
- Paint bonus room
- Paint spare bedroom (now Phoebe's room)
- Carpet the bonus room
- Paint front door, garage door, and back door
- Paint and organize the foyer closets
- Paint and organize the linen closet
- Paint the kitchen cabinets white
- Replace kitchen cabinet hardware
- Re-Vamp outdoor area: knock out old screen porch and deck
- Replace flooring in the main areas (foyer, hallway, living room, dining room
- Replace trim in bedrooms, hallway, foyer
- Purchase, paint, and replace doors, closet doors, and pocket doors with solid wood doors/new hardware (all except kitchen and bonus room complete)
- Purchase and replace door and hardware on french doors leading outside
- Add either French doors or an opening between the living room and dinning room
- Tile the master bath, paint, new trim
- Scrape ceilings in bedrooms, hallway, foyer, living room


 STILL TO DO (in order of hopefully getting finished):
- Purchase, paint, install trim in the living room
- Purchase, plaint, install trim in the dining room
- Scrape ceiling in main bath, paint, replace trim, tile
- Decorate/organize Phoebe's room
- Organize the storage shed (summer)
- Organize the attic (summer)
- Organize, paint, put trim in the garage
- Replace door hardware on front door, garage door, smaller back door
- Scrape ceiling and replace trim in laundry room
- Scrape ceiling, replace trim, purchase and paint closet doors for the bonus room
- Replace tub and surround in master bath
- Replace tub and surround in main bath
- Scrape dining room ceiling
- Scrape kitchen ceiling
- Replace kitchen cabinets, counters, sink, lighting, flooring, trim
- Replace flooring in laundry room
- Install a fence or possibly an invisible fence since we love our view

- Add on a third garage stall/hopefully can add a 1 ½ car garage unattached by then?
- Add on a family room and ½ bath in the bonus room area (maybe, depending on our needs at the time)

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