Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nursery #2: Part 2

Up until a few weekends ago, this little girl did not have a room.  We knew where it needed to go, but it was a pile of junk from our remodeling the past few months.  Now that the messy part of the flooring and trim is finished up, we are able to keep the rest of the mess contained in the garage, so that cleared Phoebe's room for decorating.

The worst part was cleaning out all of the things that were in there.  Believe me- it was a hot mess.  We sold our trusty futon (we never have overnight guests now that my parents are three minutes away), moved the exercise equipment to the living room, and used the dresser we left in there for Phoebe's changing table.  The closet was the worst.  That is where we stored our photo albums, vaporizer, humidifier, etc.  Much of this was able to go on the top shelf of our master closet, so no biggie, and we left the vaporizer and humidifier in there for Phoebe in case she needs it.

Whew!  On to pictures, right?

Before moving in, this room was the previous owners' son's room.  It didn't need a lot of work other than hole patching and paint.

This is what the room looked like once we moved in and painted.  It was Rowan's nursery.

Once Rowan moved into her big girl room, this was our spare room.  I don't think I saved any pictures of that.  We painted it SW Muslin to lighten it up and make it brighter.  It also got a scraped celing, new white trim, and new white six-panel doors while it was the spare room.

Today, it looks like this (sorry about the crappy lighting in the iphone pics).

Like I mentioned, we left the color SW Muslin.  I really like how it makes the room seem so much brighter!  The white trim and doors help as well. I don't really have a theme going on besides trying to get as much purple and teal in there as I can.  We have a few other things on the way (dresser knobs, a bow holder), and a few things arrived after I took these pics (a purple lamp shade, a ruffled crib skirt), but the furniture will be arranged just like this.

I really love how it looks so open and light.  There is plenty of play space for when she gets bigger, and I feel like one dresser (as opposed to the two Rowan had in there) leaves the room more airy.  I'll probably do a separate post for the final reveal and one for the closet organization, but for now this will do.

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